How to Become Luckier in Life and Business

How to Become Luckier in Life and Business

Ever feel like everyone else around you is lucky and good things are happening to them but not you? You might think that at the surface until you learn what I share in this post about how to become luckier in life and business. It might be more in your hands than you think.

How to Get Luckier in Life and Business | Tiffiny Rummell | Ever feel like everyone else around you is lucky and good things are happening to them but not you? You might think that at the surface until you learn what I share in this post about how to become luckier in life and business. It might be more in your hands than you think. Click now to read or "pin" to save for later.

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How to Become Luckier in Life and Business

What is Luck?

What is luck in the first place? Luck is something that happens by complete chance. There is no skill involved.

Day to Day Examples of Luck

So if you go out and win the lottery that is by chance because there is a specific percentage or odds that you will win. There is no skill necessarily involved in winning the lottery.

Another example of luck is the idea of being in the right place at the right time. For example, what if I happened to run into Gary Vaynerchuk at the airport today and he showed up on my live video or tweeted me and got me a ton of followers? As insanely cool as that would be, it would just be luck that I was in the right place at the right time. It was just complete chance.

The thing about luck is that you can’t really change it. You can’t change the odds. There is a specific percent chance that you will win the lottery. The only way to actually improve your luck and become “luckier” is to increase your opportunities to allow luck to happen to you more often.

If you talk about the lottery and you buy 10 tickets instead of 1, what did you do? Did you change the odds? No, you just gave yourself more opportunities to win.

How Luck Applies to Your Business

So how does this apply to business? Well you want to always be thinking about how you can increase your opportunities to win or to have luck happen to you. Maybe this is in the form of new customers, business partners, or selling a service.

If you and I are both in the same business and I choose to go live on Facebook every day, 365 times a year, as compared to possibly you who only goes live once a year, I have 365X more of a chance that someone who is looking for our product or opportunity will find me? But I know that’s not you, because you are going live on Facebook all the time as well 😉

Although luck is great, unfortunately it’s only going to get you so far. It’s going to be skill that is going to make up the difference and push you over the finish line.

If you are doing a Facebook lives as part of your marketing plan, you need skills around calls to action or content marketing. If you show up every day, that’s great you have a higher percent chance that somebody will see it, but if you don’t know how to use a call to action, how to get them to your capture page, how to prospect, how to talk to people on the phone, or how to close, then your chances of being successful are still really low even though you got lucky enough for them to find your video in the first place.


So that’s my message in today’s post. Figure out how you can increase the number of opportunities for great things to happen within your business but then also remember that it comes down to skill and you need to be working on those every day to really drive results in your business.

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