3 Reasons To Say No To A Facebook Fanpage For Your Network Marketing Business


Have you thought about starting a Facebook Fanpage for your Network Marketing Business? Check out the 3 reasons I have for why doing this is not a great idea. However, there are some scenarios on when it absolutely makes sense. So check out the video for more details.

Are you thinking of starting a Facebook Fanpage for your network marketing business? Click to check out these reasons or "pin" to save for later.

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1. It doesn’t brand YOU

You’ve probably heard the saying that  people don’t buy products, they buy from people. They buy from people they LIKE, KNOW, TRUST and want to work with. That being said a Facebook Fanpage specifically for your network marketing product or company doesn’t brand YOU, rather it brands your network marketing company. Now if you are branding yourself as a leader in the industry and providing VALUABLE information to your audience, then absolutely a Facebook Fanpage may make sense. If you are looking to brand yourself and get more leads online without spamming your friends on Facebook (I know, I’ve done it too), check out this training platform.

2. Doesn’t create curiosity

You want people to be curious about what it is that you are doing so that they reach out to you to find out. It’s like you don’t want to spoil the end of a movie. So for example, say you are with a health and wellness company post a picture of a smoothie on Facebook and talks about how your networking marketing product is so awesome. You probably aren’t going to get a look of interaction with your post. This is the same as if you had a Facebook Fanpage specifically for your Network Marketing product or business. As soon as you invite someone to “like” your Facebook page, they will already know you are trying to sell them on your product.

However, if you were to post a picture of a smoothie and the benefits of it (without mentioning your network marketing product), people who are interested in getting that same result (losing weight or getting healthier) would be more inclined to comment on your post or reach out to you and find out what the product is that you are using. Just be sure to include a call to action and tell them to reach out to you if they are curious about your favorite product. So this would be the same as if you had a Facebook Fanpage branding you as a health and wellness expert (but not specifically for your network marketing product). Then it creates curiosity. See the difference?

3. Doesn’t give a lot of visibility

Unless you are willing to invest a lot of money to boost your posts and ads, your Facebook Fanpage isn’t going to get a lot of visibility due to the Facebook algorithms. People go on Facebook to connect with people and not to buy products…and Facebook knows this. So they won’t put your Facebook ads and business posts in front of your audience because they know their users don’t want to be sold on products. So unless you have thousands of followers, I wouldn’t recommend a Facebook Fanpage for your Network Marketing business or product (specifically) unless you are looking to brand yourself  such as is taught with this training system.

As discussed above, in some circumstances, a Facebook Facebook Fanpage makes sense for your business such as when you are branding yourself as an authority online. So check out the video to see if a Facebook Fanpage should be used for your business.

If you are just getting with promoting your network marketing business online, I hope you found this helpful. The most important takeaway here is that you need to understand what your overall goals are for your business. Is it just to make a little extra money, do you just want to sell your network marketing product, or do you want to become a leader in the industry and build a large team?

What else do you think is important to consider before starting a Facebook Fanpage? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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21 Comments on 3 Reasons To Say No To A Facebook Fanpage For Your Network Marketing Business

  1. Great post. At first I thought you were recommending people didnt have a Facebook page at all but then as I got further down realised this was not what you meant at all. Absolutely have a page but brand yourself and not your network marketing company.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Exactly! I’ve seen a lot of people who want to start FB pages as for example Name- XYZ Consultant. If you are looking to do it just to brand your network marketing company, it is not in your best interest. But if you are branding yourself, absolutely necessary. Thanks for the comment Lynda!

  2. Great post. I think since Facebook live has come along, the pendulum has swung even more in favour of using your personal page to subtly talk about your business. It seems the reach of the fan page, without buying ads or boosting is reducing year on year.

  3. I agree With a portion of your Post Tiffiny. Definitely Your Fan Page is part of Your Personal brand. And So you can brand you via your fan page depending on what you chose: Business person, Celebrity, Brand etc> and You can serve your audience. With that said, you are so very right. You need to use some serious moolah to get any traction with the fan page. Something you dont really have to worry about with a group! Funny I have a post on ice on the same topic but different angle!

    Your headline is a attention grabber for sure!

  4. Awesome video Tiffiny! I totally agree that just putting your company on your fan page will not help you move your business forward. You’ve gotta brand YOU and build relationships with people! Thank you!

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