How to Get 1200% More Engagement on Facebook

How to Get 1200% More Engagement On FacebookHow to Get 1200% More Engagement On Facebook

Are you using Facebook live to grow your online business? Facebook Lives have shown to get 1200% more engagement than a standalone Facebook post.

How to Get 1200% More Engagement on Facebook | Are you using Facebook live to grow your online business? Facebook Lives have shown to get 1200% more engagement that a standalone Facebook post. If you're not, then  you should be! Be sure to include these 3 essential items in every Facebook Live!

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There’s SO much you can do with Facebook Live Stream, because it’s available now both on your Facebook personal page and Facebook Fanpage. You get to choose where you want use it. But it’s by far one of the BEST ways to engage with your audience, because they get to see you LIVE. It’s a great way to start building that know, like, and trust factor. Especially if a majority of your audience is already on Facebook.

Right now Facebook Live Stream is very similar to Periscope, but it just makes sense to go live on Facebook if your entire audience is there. I’m not saying that Periscope is dead. It’s not. But it takes time to build a following there. So if you’ve been doing this on Facebook, DO Facebook broadcasts. They definitely get more attention than even regular Facebook videos.

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3 Items to Include in Every Facebook Live

1.Make Sure You Start Talking Immediately

Most people won’t watch your video live. A majority of the views will be through replays. So you don’t want to hop online and wait for people to show up. Have you ever hopping on a Facebook live and sat there waiting for the person to start talking? Most likely you got bored after 10 seconds and decided to hop off. So you don’t want to lose your viewers.

Also, you want to be sure that you introduce yourself, tell people why you are here, and what value you are going to be sharing with them in this video. They want to know pretty quickly if it’s worth their time to stick around

Facebook live is meant to be interactive. So make sure you welcome people, ask them where they are coming in from and get them to engage with you by leaving emojis or a comment or even sharing your post. Have you ever been on a Facebook live and the host acknolwedged you by name or welcomed you to the live stream? It’s a great feeling! People love to be recognized, so be sure to do that and engage with your audience.

2.Deliver Valuable Content

Show up with purpose and the INTENT to deliver value. Typically you can do this one of three ways: Empower, Entertain, or Education. I often find that when starting out it’s often easiest to education. You can go out and learn something and then come back and teach that to your audience.

If you are in the health and wellness industry, you could share 3 things they can do to lose 2 pounds this week and get their bikini body back in no time! If you are in the makeup industry, you could demonstrate to your audience how to do a cat-eye with their eyeliner in less than 3 minutes a day.

The most important thing is that you focus on helping your target market solve a problem that they have.

In the video below, I share my best and final tip for how to get more engagement with your Facebook lives! I know how it feels when you aren’t getting any engagement on your Facebook posts, so try a live video and watch you engagement skyrocket!

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What other tips do you have for those using Facebook live to generate more leads for their businesses? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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